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Nautilus Pontoons - Company Summary

Nautilus Pontoons manufactures 2 lb. density urethane foam-filled polyethylene pontoons. We aim to offer a versatile pontoon flotation product that is easy-to-assemble and suited for any recreational, commercial, or industrial application. Our class of pontoons varies from the Standard, Gullwing, and Super Dura Pontoons offering customers the options they need to build their very own Unsinkable pontoon project.

Nautilus Standard Pontoons

The single-channel flange pontoon is perfect for mid-size recreational watercraft DIY projects. There are two options for the Standard Pontoon: body section and nose section. The foam-filled body and nose section gives the customer the flexibility to separate or combine the configuration based on the project.

Nautilus Gullwing Pontoons

The Gullwing series is the newest iteration of the pontoon with a more modern tapered design with multiple channel flanges. In addition, the flanges can accept 2” x 4” or steel channels. The series has large pontoons for commercial or industrial projects. Learn more about the Gullwing series and the flotation advantages by clicking below.

Nautilus Super Pontoons

The largest pontoon Nautilus Pontoon offers within the Gullwing series. The 52-inch diameter pontoon has all the benefits of the gullwing series with the modern design, which accepts 2” x 4” or steel channels in addition to an increase in submersion capacity. Super Pontoons help in industrial projects like workstations. Learn more about the Super Pontoon and the specifications by clicking below.

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