17” Standard Pontoon Nose Section

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The standard pontoon nose section (45550) design features a round cone with a smooth finish for minimaxing lift. Additionally, assembling the nose float with the body section will provide the necessary leading edge for a mid-size watercraft to move through the water. Furthermore, the nose section has a 1.6” single flange channel with molded-in bolt holes for easy installation of the substructure. Construction of the substructure can be with lumber, steel, or aluminum that fits inside the channel width of 1.6 inches. Nautilus Pontoon manufactures all standard and gullwing pontoons with 2 lbs. marine-grade urethane foam making our products unsinkable (Refer to specifications for more details).

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Product Specifications

Manufacturer Nautilus Floats
Brand Nautilus Floats
Part Numbers Black: 45550 Blue: 45554
Colors Black / Blue
Weight In Pounds 19 lbs.
Dimensions 25.00” x 16.50” x 19.50”
50% Submersion 45 lbs.
Application Residential
Framing Options Lumber, Aluminum, or Steel
Lead Time 1-3 Weeks

Product Buoyancy Chart

Water Level B Buoyancy, lbs.
0" 103
2" 92
4" 72
6" 51
8" 31
10" 12
12" Negative

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